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Wednesday Morning 9AM

Fascia Fusion CLASS is a 45 minute

The fusion of dynamic body movement that incorporates strength, versatility, flexibility and precision of movement into one dynamic class.  This functional and cardiovascular flow sometimes uses props like light toning balls, and elastic bands or a slender stick that will help you to create a stronger, leaner body, improve posture and create a peaceful mind.  All levels.

Friday Morning

Resistances Stretching CLASS 9AM is a 45 minute

Punchcard $100.00 for 10 classes or $12.00 a class

Resistance stretching class helps in communicating length while integrating strength and harmony.
Focusing on building muscular length and strength development throughout the enter body.
You begin to gain optimal range of motion as you gain balance through your muscle groups.
As we integrate strength and harmony in your body we also achieve optimal levels of flexibility.

Silver Lining A Holistic Wellness Center and Boutique

Mason Woods Village Shopping Center

13418 Clayton Rd, St. Louis, MO 63131

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Availability: Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm

Last appointment at 4pm

Sat: Available 2 Saturdays of each month

No Matter what your intentions, we are here for all 4 seasons.

Whether or not things are moving, we will keep you moving here at ki2motion.

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